Don’t worry if things don’t work first time, we are here to help.

Try to fix it yourself by using our free test tools and FAQs. If you’re still stuck, send us this form and we will be in touch ASAP and do our very best to fix your issue.

What happens if I book lessons in error?

No problem, just let us know by sending the form to your right and we will delete your booking.

What do I do if I book twice by mistake?

You must really like us! Don’t worry, send us the details in the form to the right and we will delete the booking.

If I miss a lesson, can I get a credit?

The cash value is not real, it’s just pretend money. We’ll apply more credit if you need it.

Can I book a lesson after it has started?

Sorry, but no. You can, however, book a lesson that is yet to start. Go to lessons to see the available timetable.

I can't see a launch button?

The launch button usually appears 10 minutes prior to a lesson. If you can’t see the launch button with 5 minutes to go, refresh your browser.

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Please give us as much information as you can about your problem. For example, lesson name and time.


Audio Support

How to get the best out of your audio experience?

To get the best experience, Tute recommends using a headset with a mic. The tabs to the right help you to ensure that your audio is working properly.
There is also a comprehensive audio checker to make sure that you can check everything is running smoothly prior to a lesson.

Important note! Please check your computer is un-muted. This service is designed for laptop and desktop computers. It will not work on Ipads and some tablets.



Occasionally your browser will ask for permission you use your mic. This appears below the address bar of your browser. Click “allow” for full mic access.

Have you joined audio?

Once your lesson has started, you will be prompted to join audio. You can also do this manually by clicking on the audio icon in the top left corner of the screen.

From here, you can test your microphone and join.

Is your headset connected to the correct ports?

Make sure your mic is connected to the correct port.

Visual support

Tute lessons run using Flash. Let's see if you're up to date.

Online lessons run using Flash. The minimum requirement is version 11.7.

Lessons can also run in most browsers. If you are experiencing any issues accessing your lessons we recommend you try using Google Chrome.




The Social Learning Platform.

An overview of each section of the Social Learning Platform.